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International Digital Heritage Foundation (IDHF) – is a charitable organisation whose goal is to digitize and preserve the cultural heritage of human civilization, as well as to ensure appropriate conditions for its further research and inheriting by new generations. Our work focuses on preserving and promoting information about personalities and creators who have made a valuable contribution to the common cultural heritage by demonstrating their achievements in the form of digitized works: literature, painting, sculpture, graffiti, architecture, theatre, cinema, music, science and technology, etc.

We create and maintain the world's first global digital cultural ecosystem based on a high-tech platform to provide free and widespread access to our cultural heritage depository as well as to create the widest network of followers.

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Program activities

The main program activities of the foundation are aimed at close cooperation with international, public and state organisations, research structures, and individuals, in order to create the Global Cultural Digital Ecosystem for broad and free access to cultural heritage, boosting the progress of human civilization.