Educational activity
History is the treasury of our deeds, the witness of the past, the lesson to the present, and the warning to the future.
Educational activity

Program purpose

Ensure the preservation and transmission of cultural heritage to future generations.

Facilitate scientific research by providing researchers with access to the information on cultural heritage, which is stored in the ecosystem.

Provide access to the heritage for a wider audience and improve the quality of user experience.

Educational activity

Key tasks

  1. Provide assistance in preservation, updating, and popularization of the national cultural heritage;
  2. Ensure appropriate conditions for cross-cultural enrichment and integration, support for international cooperation cultural and information programs;
  3. Promote the arts and culture, forming a positive image for each country in the world;
  4. Create a network of professionals in the field of culture, helping participants to enhance their project management and leadership skills as well as to strengthen their cooperation opportunities for projects implementation.
Educational activity

Communication channels with audience

  • Prabook - the global socio-cultural digital ecosystem;
  • Cinematization- documentary and feature films that cover certain events, phenomena, sentiments and desires of the people, etc.;
  • YouTube channel - the publication of various thematic interviews with researchers, historians, art critics, etc.;
  • Social media - newsletters and active presence in social networks;
  • Lectures, conferences, forums, exhibitions, discussions, etc.