Digitizing information
It is vital for each country, which has cultural heritage collections and objects located in its territory, to preserve this part of the heritage of mankind and ensure its transfer to the next generations.

Program purpose

Creation of a global archive for the preservation of digital copies of the world’s cultural heritage objects in visual (2D / 3D), audio and text forms to provide free and broad access to such copies.

Integration of existing digital archives and private digital collections into a single digital cultural ecosystem to provide broad and free access.


Key tasks

  1. Organization of close cooperation with foundations, institutions, state bodies, scientific communities, and society to create the architecture of the digital cultural ecosystem;
  2. Combining and systematization of existing digital archives and museum collections within a single platform; development of architecture and rules for the consolidation of data within the integrated global digital cultural ecosystem;
  3. Organization of activities for the creation of digital copies and filling the digital ecosystem with the content.

Research objects

  • Biographies of outstanding people;
  • Science and technology (scientific works, schemes, drawings, models, etc);
  • Literature and publishing (books, periodicals, magazines, print media, literary festivals, etc);
  • Visual art (painting, graphics, mosaics, printmaking, installation, lithography, muralism, street art, land-art, sculpture, photography, public art, etc);
  • Historical and political documents;
  • Audio art (live / reproduced music, sound art, radio, etc);
  • Audiovisual art (cinema, television, advertising, video art, digital art, new media, video games, video games, etc);
  • Cultural heritage (libraries, museums, archives, crafts, tangible and intangible cultural heritage);
  • Performing arts (theater, ballet, dance, circus, carnival, musical performances (musical, opera), performance, etc);
  • Design and fashion (interiors, applied and graphic design, landscapes, sound design, fashion, architecture, sculpture, etc).