Digital cultural ecosystem
Cultural heritage in human dimension

Program purpose

To ensure free and widespread access to digitized collections and archives, showing the uniqueness of cultural heritage. The study of the past through the prism of the achievements of individuals will open a completely different way of perceiving history, changing our paradigm from inside-out to outside-in thinking. Such studies allow us to trace the evolution of thoughts, discoveries, and achievements of society in all areas of activities.


Key tasks

  1. Provide free and broad access to comprehensive and unbiased information on the cultural heritage of civilization;
  2. Ensure the completeness and integrity of data on each person and event represented in the ecosystem, showing structured information and life facts along with the environment that influenced personalities, as well as achievements, connections with other persons that had an impact on the societal attitudes and certain historical events;
  3. Support an environment allowing everyone to describe their memories of certain events they witnessed, characterize them and save for future generations. Since only an environment guaranteeing the pluralism of expression on historical events or processes will become the basis of impartiality and objectiveness of modern history formation, restoration of historical justice;
  4. Enhance the ecosystem with new discoveries about historical events and their participants, related artifacts and results of research works.

Digital cultural ecosystem

The first open digital cultural ecosystem Prabook collects, systematizes and stores information about personalities that have made a significant contribution to national and world cultural heritage. Along with biographical information, Prabook allows users to post photographic images describing the lives of people, as well as information about the results of their activities: books, paintings, sculptures, scientific discoveries, designed mechanisms, machines, buildings, and other creative works.

Prabook has an important mission to systematize the global cultural heritage by events, countries and historical personalities. It may serve as a unique source providing data for research and complementary information about historical heritage.

The Global Digital Cultural Ecosystem is designed to combine records about historical events and personalities with historical places where they took place. It shows evidence and artifacts along with materials and exhibits from museums, libraries, and archives.

For more information about the first digital cultural ecosystem, we suggest you view the presentation or follow the link: