The Council of European Union adopted conclusions on the Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022

On 27 November, the Council of the European Union adopted the conclusions on the Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022, with the objective to conceive a strategic and dynamic instrument that will address ongoing developments in EU cultural policy, applying clear principles and setting focused priorities for its implementation. This new Work Plan focuses on topics that contribute to increasing the awareness of the social and economic importance of European culture and heritage. The five priorities, which were selected on the basis of their contribution to cultural diversity, their European added value and the need for joint action, are concluded as the following: sustainability in cultural heritage, cohesion and well-being, an ecosystem supporting artists, cultural and creative professionals and European content, gender equality and international cultural relations.

Brazil National Museum fire

The building was heavily damaged by a large fire on September 2, 2018. Although some items were saved, it is believed that 92.5 % of its archive of 20 million items was destroyed in the fire, though circa 1.5 million items are stored in a separate building, which was not damaged.